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Jack Benny and Friends


Format: DVD-R – 8 Disc
Audio: Dolby Digital
Year: 1950s-1960s
Production: Nostalgia Merchant
Aspect Ratio: 4X3, FULL FRAME, NSTC, Black & White


JACK BENNY AND FRIENDS #1 – Over the years comedian Jack Benny appeared on many of the best TV specials and variety shows.    THE BOB HOPE SPECIAL April 13, 1954 in a remarkably well preserved show  also features Rosemary Clooney and was sponsored by J-E-L-L-O  Instand Pudding & Minute Rice (the original commercials are included)  THE BOB HOPE BUICK SHOW – April 15, 1959  Jack along with Ginger Rogers, Jerry Colonna and an appearance by Milton Berle and featuring “THE CAR FOR 59 – BUICK – the car so new even the names are new” – THE FLIP WILSON SHOW – This hilarious 15 minute clip from the show of September 14, 1972 also features Pearl Bailey.

JACK BENNY AND FRIENDS #2 – Here are two classic TV variety specials which featured Jack Benny as a guest star.   A wonderful look back. THE BOB HOPE SHOW  – On November 7, 1971  Jack was the featured guest along with screen legend John Wayne, Debbie Reynolds, the Osmund Brothers and Jerry Colonna.   JIMMY DURANTE PRESENTS THE LENNON SISTERS – This TV variety show was originally broadcast on September 26, 1969 and also features Jimmy Dean and Noel Harrison.

JACK BENNY AND FRIENDS #3 – this triple treat brings us – THE BOB HOPE SHOW – This show was originally broadcast on November 29, 1962 and along with Jack Benny were Bobby Darin and Ethel Merman.   –THE BOB HOPE COMEDY SPECIAL -From December 15, 1965 with Jack Benny.  pal Bing Crosby,   Janet Leigh, Mickey Rooney and Nancy Wilson.  THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS SHOW – This short 9 minute clip is a laugh riot as Benny plays Bob Cratchit from a December 24, 1967 show.  –

JACK BENNY AND FRIENDS #4 – This set features .- HOLLYWOOD PALACE – February 4, 1967 was Jack’s first invitation to host this great variety show which included Patula Clark and Johnny Mathis.   HOLLYWOOD PALACE – From January 20, 1968 Jack is back and this time he has Peter Allen, Liza Minnelli and the one and only – Sammy Davis Jr. – John – A great half our and very amusing interview

JACK BENNY AND FRIENDS #5THE BOB HOPE SHOW – From December 7, 1970 this special holiday show featured Jack Benny along with Dorothy Lamour, Engelbert Humperdinck and Elke Sommer – THE BOB HOPE SHOW – On February 8, 1973 this comedy special was broadcast with a huge line up of some of the greatest comedians of the decade which included Jack Benny, Danny Thomas, Steve Allen, Red Buttons, Jerry Colonna, Tony Randall, Don Rickles, Jan Murray, Jack Carter, Nipsey Russell, Bill Dana and many more.

JACK BENNY AND FRIENDS #6SHOWER OF STARS – From May 9,  1957 Jack hosts a program that features some very funny skits with Van Johnson, Vincent Price and Yvonne DeCarlo.  Also on the show are Mel Blanc and long time Benny regular Artie Auerbach who played lovable Mr. Kitzel.   SHOWER OF STARS – From January 9, 1958 Jack is joined by Ed Wynn, Tommy Stands, Jo Stafford and even has a short walk on by George Burns.

JACK BENNY AND FRIENDS #7SHOWER OF STARS – On February 13, 1958 the day before his actual 64th birthday Jack and his entire cast of regulars together to celebrate is fabled 40TH BIRTHDAY.  This was truly an all star party with Mary Livingston, Dennis Day, Don Wilson, Mel Blanc, Phil Harris, Bob Crosby, Paul Douglas, Andy Devine, Joe Stafford, Van Johnson, Joe Kearns, Frank Nelson, The Sportsmen Quartet and many other surprises.   SHOWER OF STARS – On April 20, 1958 Jack hosts is last Shower of Stars along with Betty Grable, Janis Paige and Barbara Nichols.

JACK BENNY AND FRIENDS #8 – This set includes two hour long TV specials plus as a bonus a rare 1951 guest appearance on the Frank Sinatra Show.  THE ANN MARGARET SHOW – from December 1968 join Ann with special guests Jack Benny, Bob Hope, Danny Thomas and Carol Burnett.   THE GEORGE BURNS SHOW – from June 7, 1960 George is joined by his best friend Jack Benny along with Betty Grable and Bobby Darin.  BONUS:   THE FRANK SINATRA SHOW– from November 13, 1951.…over 50 years ago this rare hour long kinescope presents Jack Benny in hilarious skits as he is Frank’s major guest.  8 DVD-R Collection.

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