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Ivanhoe – Collectors Series


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Ivanhoe – Collectors Series

Ivanhoe is a British television series first shown on ITV in 1958-59. The show features Roger Moore in his first starring role, as Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe, in a series of adventures aimed at a children’s audience. The characters were drawn loosely from Sir Walter Scott’s 1819 novel.

The adventures of Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe, a noble knight and champion of justice during the reign of evil Prince John. This collection includes 12 episodes – 4 DVD Set. Film transfers, excellent quality. Digitally remastered and restored. Starring: Roger Moore – 12 Full Length Episodes – 4 DVD Set.


Freeing the Serfs, Face to Face, Murder at the Inn, Brothers in Arms, Counterfeit, The Widow of Woodcote, Treasures From Cathay, By Hook or Crook, Double-Edged Sword, Three Days to Worcester, Night Raiders, The Princess.

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