It’s a Great Life


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It’s a Great Life

This classic TV show from the early 1950s, starred Frances Bavier, before she became Aunt Bee on the Andy Griffith Show. Two ex G.I.’s Denny and Steve return home and take a room at the boarding house of the doting Amy Morgan. Also in the house are the young and beautiful Cathy, and Amy’s irrasciable, penny-pinching chisler brother Earl. The series follows the boys’ exploits as they try to get rich quick and meet the girls of their dreams while working as vacuum-cleaner salesmen.

74 episodes of this rare TV classic. Great for family viewing. 20 DVD Set. Please Note: These episodes have a small logo in the bottom right corner of the screen. This cannot be helped. DONOT ORDER this collection if this is a problem for you. We will not refund your money. Very good quality, beautifully packaged.


House Hunting (Pilot), Go Home To Your Mother, The Baby Sitters, Objective Moon, Daniel’s Dept. Store, 50-50, I Can Get It Wholesale, Denny Buys A Steer, Redecorate The Attic, A Date For Mrs. Morgan, The Closet, The Vacuum Cleaner Salesman, Danny’s Big Night, There Is A Santa Claus, The Driver’s License, A Job For Kathy, The Surprise Party, The Missing Stamp, The Borrowed TV Set, Kathy’s Former Boyfriend, Friendship, The Engagement Ring, Winter Sports, The Night Watchman, Friendship, The Engagement Ring, Winter Sports, The Night Watchman, The Hospital, The Boys Clean House, Formal For Amy, Denny Sings, Three Hungry Men, The Missing Husband The Inheritance, The Parakeet, The Easy Chair, Call Michigan-4099, Hay Burner, Fortune Hunters, The Paper Drive, Hash House, A Birthday For Earl, The Girlfriend, Man’s Best Friend, Double Date, High Pressure, The Movie Star, The Crystal Ball, The Big Game, The Private Line, The Fabulous Foundling, Hawaiian Holiday, The Elusive Dime, Beauty Contest, The Lady And The Painting, House Guest, Smog Gets In Your Eyes, Screen Test, Renee And The Survey, Bachelor Party, The Voice, Private Eyes, Glamour Doll, The Raffle Ticket, The Return Of Caroline, The Palm Springs Story, The Yachting Party, Operation For Earl, Old Soldiers Never Die, The Charity Drive, Passport For Amy, The Housekeeper.

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