Interpol Calling


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Interpol Calling

World crime is his target. Intelligence and style are his most deadly weapons. When Interpol’s Inspector Paul Duval is on the case,international criminals are on the run. Tracking his targets from searing sand dunes near the equator to icy peaks at the ends of the earth, the unstoppable investigator risks his life daily in a global race against time. He has the persistence of Columbo and the style of Holmes – and not even the most elusive fugitive can hide when he is on the hunt.


The Angola Brights, Thirteen Innocents, The Money Game, The Sleeping Giant, The Two-Headed Monster, The Long Weekend, You Can’t Die Twice, Diamond S.O.S, Private View, Dead on Arrival, Air Switch, The Chinese Mask, Slave Ship, The Man’s a Clown, Last Man Lucky, No Flowers for Onno, Mr. George, The Thousand Mile Alibi, Act of Priacy, Game for Three Hands, The Collector, The Heiress, Payment in Advance, Finger of Guilt, The Firl With Grey Hair, Trial at Cranby’s Creek, Ascent to Murder, Slow Boat to Amsterdam, White Blackmail, A Foreign Body, The Three Keys, Eight Days Inclusive, Dressed to Kill, Cargo of Death, Desert Hijack, Pipeline, The Absent Assassin, Checkmate, In the Swim.

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