I Led 3 Lives Collectors Series


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I Led 3 Lives Collectors Series

This TV show is based on the TRUE story of how Philbrick (played ably by Richard Carlson) could never relax, but had to sneak to secret cell meetings and meet FBI agents in clandestine places to pass information after he agreed to spy on the Communists for the FBI. I Led 3 Lives – Collector’s Edition includes 16 rare episodes. This was a very popular series during the height of the cold war of the 1950s as it showed to what lengths communist would to infiltrate the United States. Film transfers, excellent quality. These are full-length, uncut episodes. 4 DVD Set.

EPISODE TITLES: Communications, Unexpected Trip, Strategic Material, Relative, Infiltration, Assassination, The Bomb, The Fifth Amendment, Rest Home, Minority Control, Comic Strip, Mailing List, Caviar, Commie Photo, Helping Hand, Student Exchange.

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