Hop Harrigan


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Hop Harrigan

Starring William Bakewell, Jennifer Holt and Robert ‘Buzz’ Hanry.

Hop Harrigan, a top Air Corps pilot, leaves the military and he and his mechanic, Tank Tinker, open up a small charter air service. They are hired to fly an inventor, Dr. Tabor, to his secret laboratory, where he is working on a new and powerful energy machine. But a mysterious character known as The Chief Pilot is interested in the invention and uses a destroying ray to cripple Hop’s airplane and kidnap Tabor. Hop and ‘Tank’, aided by Gail Nolanand her kid brother, Jackie, finally overcome the villains… and, then, Tabor goes mad and decides to blow up the world.  2 DVD Set- 15 Chapters (1946).

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