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Here Comes the Groom/Just For You


Double Feature: Here Comes the Groom (1951)/Just For You (1952) Both full-length features star Bing Crosby. Runtime: 217 Minutes.

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Here Comes the Groom (1951), Capra’s second and final film under his Paramount contract, starred Crosby, as a foreign correspondent who wants to adopt two French orphans. In order to do so he must marry. But the road to the altar with his long-suffering fiancÕ©e, played by Jane Wyman, is paved with obstacles, among them Wyman’s rich boss (Franchot Tone), whom she’s decided to marry instead. Just For You (1952) Widower Jordan Blake (Bing Crosby) has had wild success as a Broadway producer, but not much success as a father. To win back their affection, he decides to take one last vacation with his kids (Bob Arthur, Natalie Wood) before theyre not kids anymore. But thats when Blake discovers that his son may have grown up sooner than Dad anticipated- he’s fallen in love with his fathers girlfriend, a musical-comedy star (Jane Wyman)! This lively film also stars Ethel Barrymore and features the Oscars- nominated tune Zing a Little Zong. And when Bing zings, everybody has a great time!

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