The Hennesey TV show was a comedy series that centered around life at a Naval Hospital in San Diego, California that aired on CBS from 1959 to 1962. . The series followed with escapades of Doctor Charles “Chick” Hennesey and his day to day antics at the Navy Hospital in San Diego where he is stationed.  When he is not treating the personnel and their families, he is romantically linked to attractive coworker nurse Martha Hale.  Also on hand was Harvey Soencere Blair III, a young naval dentist with high  society ties who was always involved in some sort of gimmick.

Jackie Cooper played Hennesey, a Navy doctor in an onshore office. Abby Dalton, very young and beautiful then, played his blonde yeoman/secretary/nurse. She had a crush on Hennesey but he maintained his professional dignity. Much of the series was about his gradually warming up to her interest.  The third regular character was a beefy Navy seaman played by Henry Kulky (from THE LIFE OF RILEY) who aspired to become an astronaut until Hennesey found he had an inner-ear defect & was ineligible. Roscoe Karns also starred as Captain Shafer.

The overall quality of this set is excellent averaging an 8 or better. It has a nice, easy to follow menu.  Very Rare. 23 EPISODES – 6 DVD SET.


Disc 1 – Pilot Episode, Hennesey Meets Dr. Blair, Shore Patrol, Pork Chops & Apple Sauce; Disc 2 – The Baby Sitter, Mrs. Horatia Grief, The Lady Doctor, Harvey  Blair Returns; Disc 3- Christmas, Hennesey, Meets the Marines, Hennesey Meets Fuji, The Anapolis Man; Disc 4 – Bonjour, Mr. Hennesey, Hail to the Chief, The Chaplain, Hennesey A La Gunn; Disc 5 – The Electrical Money Machine, The Wedding, The Green-Eyed Monster, Admiral and Son; Disc 6 – The Nogoodnick, The Holdout, Mrs. G. Meets Dr. Hennesey.

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