Great Guns (1941)



In Laurel and Hardy’s first film for Twentieth Century Fox, they are cast as the butler and chauffeur of a wealthy and pampered young man named Dan Forrester (Dick Nelson), who is drafted into the army. Convinced that young Dan cannot do without them, Laurel and Hardy join the service as well, despite their lack of ability. This sets the scene for many comedic moments, including the boys finding themselves behind a moving target on a rifle range, an amusing bit with a broken light bulb, and a humorous bridge-building scene.When Dan becomes enamored with photo-shop proprietor Ginger Hammond (Sheila Ryan), Laurel and Hardy are convinced she is a gold-digger and do their best to sabotage the romance. They are unsuccessful, however, and Dan proves his manhood while the boys end up captured by the enemy. As usual, hilarity ensues. 1941-BW-73 Minutes.

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