Gabby Hayes Show


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Gabby Hayes Show

The Gabby Hayes Show was a western television series in which Roy Rogers sidekick, George ‘Gabby’ Hayes narrated each episode. He usually began with one of his tall tales about an old uncle or aunt of his. Then as he sat whittling, he would introduce ‘today’s rip roarin yarn.’ This series was a Saturday morning feature in 1956.

This collection includes 52 half-hour episodes in a 10 DVD set. Film transfers, digitally remastered and restored.


Billy Carson, Government Men Disappear, Curly Thompson, The Navajo Kid, Marshal Cheyenne Davis, Cattle Thieves, The Tiopia Kid, Talking Spirits, Tex Haines, Trail of Bullets, The Big Fire, The Hawk, Undercover Rangers, Hoot Gibson, Mail Bandits, Hagers Town, No Guns in Red Gap, Gold Dust, Sunset Range Ranch, The Will, Sam Taylor-Outlaw, Feudin’ Families, Marge Rogers, Fur Robbers, Easy Money, Bank Robberies, The Whispering Skull, Billy Carson vs. Outlaws, Marshal Cheyenne Davis, Escaped Convict, Rocky Pass, Billy Carson’s Letter, Doc Latimore, The Cheyenne Kid, Telegraph Lines, Dude Rancher, The Bar-X Mystery, Town Under Seige, Mixed Up Cousins, Jim Brandon Comes Home, Soapy to the Rescue, Stolen Army Horses, Fuzzy’s Big Town, Stagecoach Outlaws, Bob Watson and Margie, Terror in Wolf Valley, Double Murder, Price Taylor, Link Doggett, Scar Hand Charlie, The Mystery Gang, The Lopez Diamond.

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