Four Star Playhouse


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Four Star Playhouse

The idea behind Four Star Playhouse was that four big-name actors would take on alternating weeks starring in a drama without obligating the actors to a restrictive weekly schedule. Four Star Playhouse featured Dick Powell, David Niven, Ida Lupino and Charles Boyer. The show premiered on September 15, 1952 and ended on July 16, 1956. These Four Star Playhouse classic TV shows feature a host of guest stars. 8 – DVD Set.


The Lost Silk Hat, Welcome Home, Shadowed, The Squeeze, A Place of His Own, The Witness, Moorings, The Girl on a Park Bench, The Gift, House For Sale, The Test, The Bad Streak, The Gun, The Bomb, Detective’s Holiday, Masquerade, The Doctor and the Countess, Interlude, The Adolscent, Vote of Confidence, Go Ahead and Jump, Tusitala, The Girl on the Bridge, With All My Heart, The House Always Wins, The Face of Danger, A Place Full of Strangers, High Stakes, To Die at Midnight, Autumn Carousel, Touch and Go, The Stacked Deck .

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