Follow The Sun



Follow The Sun

Starring: Brett Halsey and Barry Coe

Follow the Sun stars Brett Halsey and Barry Coe in the roles of Honolulu-based free-lance magazine writers Paul Templin and Ben Gregory, respectively. Gary Lockwood plays their 20-year-old researcher Eric Jason, Gigi Perreau played Katherine Ann “Kathy” Richards, the pretty secretary, and Jay Lanin was Lieutenant Frank Roper, the writers’ friend on the police force. Follow the Sun lasted for only one shortened season due to stiff competition from The Ed Sullivan Show, Dennis the Menace and Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color. This collection is a 4 DVD Set that includes eight of the best shows available. These are full-length episodes and at least one show includes the original commercials for JEEP.


The Last of the Big Spenders, Ghost Story, The Primitive Clay, The Highest Wall, Sergeant Kolchak Fades Away, Journey Into Darkness, The Girl From the Brandenburg Gate, Busman’s Holiday.

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