Federal Men


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Federal Men

Federal investigators seek-out counterfeiters, bootleggers, con men and killers in every thrilling episode of this classic TV series. 26 half hour episodes starring Walter Greaza. 6 DVD Set.

A television classic from the 1950s, Federal Men featured true stories of fraud and deception. These stories came from the files of the U.S. Treasury Department. Treasury Department agents, headed by ‘The Chief,’ go after counterfeiters, loan sharks, gamblers, bootleggers, swindlers, smugglers, confidence men and other criminals who commit crimes that fall under the Treasure Departments jurisdiction. Also see This Is Your FBI.


The Gentlemen Cheated, The Man Outside, Little Tin Box, Green Feathers, Losing Gamble, Bad Bargain, Broken Bond, Chartered Chiseler, Iron Curtain, Fatal Error, Elder Brother, Princely Pauper, Swindlers Gold, Tight Squeeze, Deadly Dilemma, Black Sheep, Buried Treasure, Leather Bags, Steady Hand, Man Next Door, Cut Rate Watches, Man Trap, Ready Guns, Perfect Gentleman, Frightenend Man, Slippery Eel

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