Edgar Wallace Mysteries



Edgar Wallace Mysteries

The thrillers of Edgar Wallace, one of the twentieth century’s most successful crime novelists, have been widely adapted for film and television – the most memorable of which is the Edgar Wallace Mysteries, made at Merton Park Studios in the first half of the 1960s. A noir-esque series, it updates some of the author’s stories to more contemporary settings, blending classic B-movie elements with a distinctly British feel. This collection includes 16 original episodes.


The Man Who Was Nobody, Marriage of Convenience, Partners in Crime, The Clue of the Silver Key, Backfire, Locker Number 69, Death Trap, Incident at Midnight, Return to Sender, The Double, To Have And to Hold, The Sinister Man, Change Partners, The Malpas Mystery, Crossroads to Crime, On the Run.


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