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December Bride


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December Bride

December Bride centered around the adventures of Liily Ruskin, a spry widow who was not in fact a December bride but very much desired to become one, if the right man came along. Aiding Lily in her search for this prospective suitor were her daughter Ruth, her son-in-law Matt, and her close friend and peer, Hilda Crocker. A next door neighbor, Pete Porter, was a frequent guest. Married miserably himself, according to his constant complaints about his unseen wife Gladys, he despised his mother-in-law. December Bride aired for five seasons, beginning in 1954 and ending in 1959.  Spring Byington starred as Lily Ruskin in December Bride. This rare collection includes 24 episodes in a 6 DVD Set. Also starring Harry Morgan who later starred in the spinoff of December Bride, Pete and Gladys.

EPISODE TITLES: Disc 1 – Lily Ruskin Arrives, Lily is Bored, The Veterinarian, Matt’s Mustache: Disc 2 – The Shoplifter, Family Quarrel, High Sierras,  Skid Row; Disc 3 – The Trailer,  Matt’s Movie Career,  The Jaywalker,  Lily Hires A Maid; Disc 4 – The Budget, Study Group,  Mickey Rooney,  The Golf Lesson; Disc 5 – The Parrot,  The Mean Grandfather,  Aunt Emily,  The Alaska Show; Disc 6 – The Brides Father-In-Law, The Nurse is Fired,  Grunion Hunting, Stan Looses His Nerve.

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