Crime Club Movie Collection


Format: DVD-R – 4 Disc
Audio: Dolby Digital
Year: 1930s
Production: Nostalgia Merchant
Aspect Ratio: 4X3, FULL FRAME, NSTC, Black & White



Here are 6 baffling tales of suspense from an award winning mystery series of the 30’s and early 40’s.   This was when some of the greatest classic mysteries of all time were so popular. Enjoy these rare classic movies – 4 DVD Set.

In the middle of an eye-surgery operation in a large hospital, the lights in the operating room go out and the patient is murdered. It is the job of Police-Detective Spencer to figure out who in the room had something to gain if the operation wasn’t successful.

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The film was based on Headed for a Hearse, a novel by Jonathan Latimer which had to be toned down considerably for the filmgoers’ consumption. Latimer’s cynical private-eye team of Bill Crane and Doc Williams are here played by Preston S. Foster and Frank Jenks, who’d repeat these roles in subsequent entries. This time out, Bill and Doc try to clear a wrongly condemned man before his date with the electric chair. This they do on behalf of the poor fellow’s desperate fiancee Emily Lou (Carol Hughes) — who, like most of the other characters in the film, knows a lot more than she’s telling.

This “Crime Club” series entry is based on a novel by Jonathan Latimer. Preston Foster and Frank Jenks make return appearances as Latimer’s freewheeling private eyes Bill Crane and Doc Williams, here assigned to protect millionaire John Essex (Ray Parker) and John’s sister Linda (Frances Robinson) from harm. Someone has been sending Linda threatening notes, eventually carrying out those threats by kidnaping the girl and holding her for ransom. Piecing clues together with the aplomb of two veteran jigsaw-puzzle aficionados, our heroes expose the Least Likely Suspect as the culprit, leading to even more surprises before fadeout time.

The Black Doll is one of the better entries in “Crime Club” series. Most of the action takes place on a dark and very stormy night, as the survivors of a long-ago mining expedition gather together in fear and trembling. It seems that a man whom the miners left for dead is very much alive and out for revenge. The killer warns each victim of impending doom by leaving behind a black voodoo doll, of which he has a seemingly endless supply. Into this highly charged situation stumbles heroine Marian Rood (Nan Grey), who may very well be linked to the murders that follow. Trying to sort out the clues are amateur sleuths Nick (Donald Woods) and Rex (William Lundigan), while the irascible Sheriff Renick (Edgar Kennedy) simmers and scowls.

In this mystery, a newspaper executive and three of his colleagues conspire to have the owner of the highly-respected London Sun committed to an insane asylum. The hapless publisher manages to escape. Soon after, the four collaborators begin dying one-by-one. Oddly their obituaries appear in a rival publication before they are actually killed

Preston S. Foster and Frank Jenks play Bill Crane and Doc Williams, the pulp-novel detectives created by mystery writer Jonathan Latimer. Crane and Williams tackle the case of a morgue robbery; the missing body is that of a young woman who died mysteriously. As the detectives follow the clues, they uncover a deeper mystery, seemingly unconnected with the stolen corpse. Ultimately they discover that the person or persons unknown who swiped the lady in the morgue has a great deal to hide, and won’t stop at thievery to hide it.

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