Christmas On the Radio – Vol. 3



Relax in your favorite easy chair and enjoy these great old time radio Christmas classics. Or if you’re taking a trip to Grandma’s house for Christmas, take along this collection and enjoy Christmas cheer as you travel. These classic radio shows will take you back to a simpler time, when familes gathered around the radio to listen to their favorite shows. Back then, Christmas was a special holiday. It didn’t start in September, but a few days before the big day.



Jack Benny – Christmas Shopping – 12/22/40: Fibber McGee & Molly – Fibber Cuts Down a Christmas Tree; Author’s Playhouse  – Christmas – 12/21/41; This Is My Best – The Plot to Overthrow Christmas – 21/19/44; Christmas Special – The Greatest Gift – 12/24/46; Burns and Allen – Last Minute Christmas Gift – 12/18/47; Great Gildersleeve – Leroy’s Christmas  – 12/24/47; The Lone Ranger – Mission Bells – 12/24/47; The Bob Hope Show – Christmas Shopping 12/7/48; My Friend Irma – Irma’s Christmas Party – 12/20/48; Life With Luigi – No Gift for Pasquale – 12/20/48; Family Theater – The Other Wise Man – 12/14/49; The First Nighter – Christmas – 1949; Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar – Department Store Swindle – 12/24/49; Red Skelton – Juniors Christmas Play – 12/23/51; Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show – Stolen Christmas Presents – 12/23/51.


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