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Chicken Wagon Family



Chicken Wagon Family

Chicken Wagon Family – A family in mule drawn wagon that sells chickens settles in New York City and ends up in a whole bunch of mischief.

Addie Fippany, her father Jean Paul Batiste Fippany, her mother Josephine and her sister Cecile roam the country-side in a mule-drawn wagon, trading trinkets to farmers for chickens which they sell in the cities. Addie and her father love the care-free life, but Mrs. Fippany and Cecile want to settle down in New York City. As soon as the “chicken wagon family” reaches New York, Addie gets into mischief and a policeman, Matt Hibbard, helps her and falls in love with Cecile. He helps the family settle into a deserted firehouse which is up for public sale.

Starring: Jane Withers, Leo Carrillo, Marjorie Weaver, Spring Byington – 1939 – BW – 63 Minutes – DVD, Digitally remastered.

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