Casy, Crime Photograper – Vol. 1



Casey, Crime Photographer was sponsored by Anchor-Hocking Glass Company during the 1946-47 season. We are fortunate in that the sponsor kept transcription disc copies of most all the the broadcast they sponsored (around 70) and they are exceptional quality. This 8 CD set includes the first 16 episodes. Look for more episodes to be released shortly.

Casey was the major crime photographer at the fictional Morning Express newspaper. With the help of reporter Ann Williams, he tracked down criminals and solved numerous crimes in this popular mystery-adventure series. Often a picture snapped at a crime scene led Casey to play detective. Casey and Ann often enlisted the aid their police cheif friend, Captain Logan during each week’s half-hour episode. In between assighments, crime investigators Casey and Ann went to their favorite tavern, ‘The Blue Note Cafe’, and discussed their adventures with their bartender friend Ethelbert. 16 original network broadcast with the original commercials for Anchor Hocking Glass Company. Digitally remastered and restored.


The Surprising Corpse – 1-16-47, The Gray Kitten – 2-6-47, The Twenty-Minute Alibi – 2-20-47, The Mysterious Lodger – 3-6-47, The Demon Miner – 3-20-47, The Box of Death – 4-17-47, The Gentle Stranger – 4-24-47, King of the Apes – 5-1-47, The Laughing Killer – 5-8-47, Pick-Up – 5-2-47, Acquitted – 7-3-47, The Lady Killer – 7-10-47, Self-Made Hero – 7-17-47, Photo of the Dead – 7-24-47, Bright New Star – 7-31-47, Death in Lovers Lane – 8-7-47.


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