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The Californians-Season One


Format: DVD-R – 5 Disc
Audio: Dolby Digital
Year: 1957
Production: CBS Home Video
Aspect Ratio: 4X3, FULL FRAME, NSTC, Black & White


The Californians Season One – TV Series

1850s San Francisco: was the height of the Gold Rush era. Honest men such as Dion Patrick (Adam Kennedy) tried to clean up a wild city overrun by criminals and con men by joining forces with storekeeper Jack McGiverns (Sean McClory) vigilantes; the only law enforcement in town. Matthew Wayne (Richard Coogan) was elected sheriff of San Francisco and became the leading vigilante character half way through the first season. 5 DVD Set – Compete First Season. Starring Richard Coogan and Sean McClory. Aspect Radio: 4X3 FULL FRAME. Excellent Quality.


The Vigilantes Begin, All That Glitters, The Noose, The Avenger, The Search for Lucy Manning, The Lost Queue, The Regulators, Man from Boston, The Barber’s Boy, The Magic Box, Little Lost Man, Strange Quarantine, Truce of the Tree, The PO 8, The Coward, Panic on Montgomery Street, China Doll, Mr. Valejo, The Alice Pritchard Case, The Man from Paris, The Duel, Sorley Boy, Gentleman from Philadelphia, The Marshal, Death by Proxy, The Street, J. Jimmerson Jones, Inc., Skeleton in the Closet, Pipeline, The Foundling, Second Trial, The Inner Circle, The Golden Bride, Murietta, Shanghai Queen, Bridal Bouquet, Golden Grapes.

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