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Burns and Allen Collection


Format: DVD-R – 16 Disc
Audio: Dolby Digital
Year: 1950
Production: Nostalgia Merchant
Aspect Ratio: 4X3, FULL FRAME, NSTC, Black & White


Burns and Allen Collection

The real-life married couple established their personalities in radio with The Burns and Allen Show and brought their comedy to television in 1950. For nine years on CBS, every show opened with Burns, puffing his trademark cigar, regaling the audience with stories of their vaudeville days… and the latest antics of his beloved wife, Gracie. Often entangled with their neighbors the Morton’s, Gracie’s zany wit was always the cause (and solution) to their misadventures of domestic bliss. Burns would always end the show with ‘Say goodnight, Gracie’ to which Allen simply replied Goodnight. 64 Full-Length classic TV shows with the original network commercials. Starring George Burns and Gracie Allen. 16 DVD Set – Excellent Quality Film Transfers.


The Kleebob Game / Property Tax Assessor / Harry Morton’s Secretary / Gracie’s Checking Account / Rhumba Lessons / Surprise Party / The Income Tax Man / Teen Girls Visit / Too Much Mortons / The Vegetarians / Space Patrol Kids / Gracie Gives a Wedding / Beverly Hills Uplift Society / Gracie Looses a Ring / Jack Steals George’s Joke / The Fortune Teller / Gracie Plays Cupid /Goerge’s Portrait / The Girls Night Out / Gracie’s Tall Tale / George’s Little Secret / The Jealous Husband / A Master Moocher Clyde / Harry Loves Gracie / Stay Neighbor, Stay / Wedding Bell Blues / The Tax Refund / The Cigarette Girl / Gracie on a Train – Murder / What Mistake? / The Swamp Party / The Burglar / Gracie Buys a Ranch / Gracie Gets George in the Army / Gracie Reports the Car is Stolen / The College Boys Mom / The Mountain Cabin / The Fur Stole / Spanish Lessons / The Cleaning Woman / Von Zell’s Girlfriend / George Lectures at UCLA / Harry is Missing / Surprise Party for the Mortons / Sneak Thieves / The Telegram / New York Trip Cancelled / Kidnapped / Locked Out / Gracie Trip Up / The Iron Deer / Harry’s New Client / The Jury Summons / Careless Gracie / Mat at the Mortons / The Business Manager / The Racoon Coat / Gracie Thinks Harry is Broke / Going to San Francisco / Is George Retiring? / Going to a Movie Premier / Problem Husbands / Christmas in Jail / Christmas Company.

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