Brown and Carney RKO Collection


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Brown and Carney RKO Collection

The laughter never stops in this riotous collection starring the comedy team of Wally Brown and Alan Carney in four of their funniest features. The Adventures of a Rookie (1943): In their first comic outing, Brown and Carney star as Jerry Miles and Mike Strager, two soldiers who are quarantined in a women only boarding house when the cook contracts scarlet fever. Rookies in Burma (1943): Escaping from an enemy prison camp, GIs Miles and Strager are joined by two showgirls in a mad race to the American lines. Girl Rush (1944): Showmen Miles and Strager strike it rich when they promise to bring an all-female revue to a gold-mining town starving for women. Robert Mitchum costars as a two-fisted cowpoke in drag. Genius at Work (1946): Radio detectives Miles and Strager attempt to catch a master criminal (Lionel Atwill) and his sadistic henchman (Bela Lugosi) in Brown and Carneys final big-screen pairing. 2 DVD Set. 1943 – 46 – 252 Minutes. Film Classics.

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