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Bronco – Season 4



Bronco – Season 4

Bronco – The Complete Fourth Season – Bronco Layne (Ty Hardin) rides out on his swan song season in high style, saddling up for some of his most surprising adventures yet. Among the high-octane oaters found in this 4-Disc, 18-Episode collection we find Bronco teaming up with his poetry-spewing Irish counterpart, The Harrigan (Sean McClory), assisting famed Shakespearian thespian Edwin Booth (Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.) go undercover to root out a nest of assassins in Prince of Darkness, and acting as The Equalizer keeping the peace between rival outlaw gangs so that Butch Cassidy’s niece can get married. All the while, the shadows of the Civil War cast a spell of remembrance and regret over the season, as Bronco must face his own actions during the war and undertake one last mission on behalf of the slain President Lincoln. Other notable guests include Jack Elam (The Dakotas), James Best (The Dukes of Hazard) and Chad Everett (Medical Center). 1961-62 – 18 Episodes – 4 DVD Set. BW.

Starring: Ty Hardin, Sean Mcclory, Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., Jack Elam, James Best, Chad Everett

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