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Brave Eagle – Lost TV Classics



Brave Eagle – The Lost Episodes

In the Brave Eagle TV Series, Keith Larsen stars as a courageous Cheyenne chief protecting his tribe from hostile invaders, encroaching homesteaders, renegades and other warring tribes. At the same time he must keep his own braves in check to avoid trouble with the US Calvary. Brave Eagle was the first TV program to feature an American Indian as a heroic lead character. Produced by Roy Rogers’ Frontier Productions, Brave Eagle premiered on Wednesday September 28, 1955, on CBS at 7:30 Eastern. Young Keena (played by 13 year old Tony Numkena) was Brave Eagle’s young foster son and the beautiful 22 year old Kim Winona played Morning Star, a young Indian maiden and the love interest for Brave Eagle. This TV classics lasted only one season of 26 episodes and most of them have been lost. This collection includes 10 of the surviving films that have been discovered and preserved into this two DVD set. Please note: these are not Alpha reruns, but are transferred from films.


Code of the Chief; The Challenge; War Paint; Witch Bear; Moonfire; The Treachery of At-Ta-Tu; Papoose; Shield of Honor; Voice of the Serpent; Search for the Sun.

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