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Blood of Jesus



Blood of Jesus

Starring: Spencer Williams, Cathryn Caviness, Juanita Riley, Reather Hardeman, James B. Jones

Blood of Jesus – In the rural south of the United States, a Godly young woman is accidently wounded by her unchurched husband. She succumbs to the injuries, whereupon a good angel bids her to journey with him to the Crossroads of Life. Before she can travel far, the devil lures her with the temptations of juke joints and the city. Can she regain the straight and narrow before it’s too late? And what is to become of those she left behind? Spencer Williams (Andy Brown of Amos ā€˜Nā€™ Andy) produced, directed and starred in this film. 1941 ā€¢ BW ā€¢ 57 Minutes