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Blondie TV Series


Format: DVD-R – 4 Disc
Audio: Dolby Digital
Year: 1957
Production: Film Classics
Aspect Ratio: 4X3, FULL FRAME, NSTC, Black & White

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Blondie – TV Series

Arthur Lake portrays the role of Dagwood Bumstead, based on the comic strip by Chic Young. Lake starred in 29 Blondie motion pictures, and reprised the role on radio. This sitcom was basically the retelling of stories and situations familiar to readers of the comic strip. At long last we have finally located the lost TV episodes of Blondie starring Arthur Lake and Pamela Britton. What also makes this set so unique is the fact that included in this set is a very rare episode of the original pilot for TV with Hal Leroy as Dagood.  Blondie fans have been asking us to locate this rare gem from TV’s past. 27 Episodes – Quality is excellent except for the original pilot episode included on the last disc for historical reference


Sudden Wealth
It’s for the Birds
The Folks Who Came to Dinner
The Other Woman
Home Sweet Home
Get That Gun
The Feud

The Quiz Show
Husbands Once Removed
The Payoff Money
Hard Luck Idol
Oil For the Lamps of Blondie
Blondie the Breadwinner
Glamour Girl

The Rummage Sale
Puppy Love
Made to Fire
Blondie Redecorates
Blondie’s Double

The Spy
Cupid’s Column
The Tramp
Follow That Man
The Party
Howdy Neighbor

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