Blonde for a Day



Blonde for a Day (1946)

Fair Mike Shayne whodunit starring Hugh Beaumont as the detective and his real-life wife Kathryn Adams as his secretary. Yarn deals with Beaumont rescuing a police reporter when a bunch of gamblers get tough with the guy. Scribe had been exposing the gang as being linked to a series of slayings when they try to bump him off. The Sherlock unravels the mystery, which seems to have more blondes than detectives showing up in some sequences.

Starring: Hugh Beaumont, Kathryn Adams, Cy Kendall, Marjorie Moshelle, Paul Bryar, Richard Fraser, Frank Ferguson, Mauritz Hugo, Claire Rochelle, Sonia Sorel, Cheryl Walker, Charles Wilson. BW – 68 Minutes

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