Big Jack



Big Jack

Big Jack – An outlaw insists on making a grave robber his personal physician in this black comedy set in the American backwoods of 1802, starring Wallace Beery, Richard Conte and Marjorie Main. Caught digging up bodies for medical knowledge, Dr. Alexander Meade (Conte) is about to be hanged when hes rescued by Big Back Horner (Beery), a brigand whose leg needs tending. Eager to have his debt pain, Jack insists Meade stay at his side, but the doctor soon escapes to Montaville, where he continues his research at night. With the townsfolk ready to string him up and Jack determined to stop them, Meade attempts to use what hes learned on the mayors daughter, an operation that could save both their lives. Released two weeks her his death, Big Jack marked Wallace Beerys final screen appearance, his 36-career spanning nearly 250 films, including The Lost World, Grand Hotel, Treasure Island and The Champ, for which he won the 1931/32 Oscar for Actor. 1949 – BW – 85 Minutes.

Starring: Wallace Beery, Richard Conte, Marjorie Main, Edward Arnold, Vanessa Brown, Clinton Sundberg, Charles Dingle, Clem Bevans, Jack Lambert, Will Wright, William Phillips, Syd Saylor.

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