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Biff Baker U.S.A.



Biff Baker U.S.A.

Biff Baker U.S.A. was set in the early years of the Cold War, this series stars Alan Hale, Jr. in the title role as an espionage agent posing as an import-export dealer.  Randy Stuart plays his wife, Louise, his partner in spying, usually behind the Iron Curtain. Hale was cast as Biff Baker twelve years before he began playing the role of “the Skipper” opposite Bob Denver in CBS’s fantasy situation comedy, Gilligan’s Island, and five years before he portrayed railroad engineer Casey Jones in the syndicated adventure series, Casey Jones. He did a lot of television guest appearances as well before getting his role as The Skipper on the cult comedy Gilligan’s Island (1964). Some guest appearances include: Adventures in Paradise, Crossroads, Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok and hundreds more.

This collection includes 10 rare episodes. Excellent Quality – 2 DVD Set.


Disc 1
Blue Mosque
Counterfeit Plates
Crash Landing
Grey Market
Detour to Cairo

Disc 2
London Incident
Mona Lisa
Paris Perfume
Saigon Incident
The Witness

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