Best of Spike Jones



The Best of Spike Jones

Starring: Spike Jones, Helen Grayco, Doodles Weaver, Billy Barty, Eddy Arnold, Zazu Pitts, Howdy Doody with Buffalo Bob Smith and Clarabell

Dubbed the Master of Musical Mayhem by Rolling Stone, comedic bandleader Spike Jones and the City Slickers were hugely popular in the 40s, 50s and 60s, known for wacky skits and zany renditions of the day s most popular songs. An accomplished musician, Spike was a true innovator whose comedic madness was lightyears ahead of his time directly influencing such iconoclasts as Frank Zappa, Ernie Kovacs, Weird Al Yankovic, Stan Freberg and George Carlin. From 1954-61, Spike came into living rooms across the nation with The Spike Jones Show (NBC and CBS). His special brand of music featured hilarious arrangements punctuated by sneezes, hiccups, snores, belches, gunshots, explosions, whistles, bird calls, cowbells, foghorns … and anything else laying around at the time! Now experience this classic television on DVD featuring over 60 musical decompositions including Spike s biggest hits and most hilarious bits in a special-edition, three-disc collectors set, produced and edited under the personal supervision of Spike Jones, Jr. Features show regulars vocalist Helen Grayco (Mrs. Jones) and the City Slickers: Freddie Morgan Doodles Weaver, George Rock, Sir Fredrick Gas and Billy Barty. Also such stars of the day as Eddy Arnold, Zasu Pitts and Howdy Doody. Bonus Material: Two never-before-aired pilots, marking the bands television debut.

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