Best of Old Time Camp Meeting



Best of Old Time Camp Meeting

This is an compilation of some of the great Alabama Church of God Camp Meeting services. It includes events from 1984 to 2010. The 1984 Camp Meeting event was record by Rev. Donald Denmark who was very excited about his new VHS camcorder and decided to record all of the 1984 Camp Meeting which was then held on the old camp ground on “glory hill” in Bessemer.

Beginning in 2005, Spring Creek Productions began producing all the events for DVD and eventually live streaming. This set also includes some of the best services from the archives from 2005 – 2010. Please check our Religion category for many more events.


Revive Us Again – Ray H. Hughes – June 6th, 1984
You’ve Got to Have a Strategy if You’re Going to Win! – Larry Timmerman – June 14, 2005
Let the River Flow – Kevin Wallace – June 6, 2007
Help, My Church is Dying and it Won’t Give Up! – Perry Stone – June 7, 2007
Jesus the Lord of the Leftovers – Sean Teal – June 8, 2007
A Prayer of Habakku – Tommy Bates – June 5, 2008
Little Miss Nobody From No Where Without Nothing – Tim Hill – June 12, 2009
The Great Commission – Raymond Culpepper – June 8, 2010

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