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Behind Your Radio Dial – The Story of NBC

Behind Your Radio Dial – The Story of NBC – This 1947 film gives the viewer a filmed tour of NBC studios at Radio City in New York, back when NBC was mainly a radio network. I love old-time radio, so I found this very interesting. You get to see radio stars such as Fred Allen or Fibber McGee and Molly performing, musical performances by Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians and the NBC orchestra, and the news being announced by H.P. Kaltenborn. Kaltenborn’s section on radio news is particularly fun, since he narrates it very bombastically.  The film has a wistful quality, as its final section deals with the fledgling NBC television network.

Very interesting short feature about radio in the 1940s. This films includes a rare look at how radio stations and networks operated in the early days of radio. You’ll see radio control centers, announcers and performers in action, transmitters and other now vintage equipment and how studios were designed and operated in the “Golden Age or Radio.” Enjoy the tour of NBC in 1947.”

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