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Annie Oakley


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Annie Oakley

Annie Oakley was a popular wild-west adventure series featuring thrilling stories of the legendary sharpshooter Annie Oakley. Chasing outlaws from the saddle of her trusty horse, Target, Annie keeps law and order with Deputy Sheriff Lofty Craig in the town of Diablo. Her little brother Tag is always eager to help solve the exciting mysteries. So sit back in your easy chair and enjoy Annie Oakley. This 6 DVD set stars Gail Davis as Annie Oakely


Annie Trust a Convict, Gunplay, The Dude Stagecoach, Ambush Canyon, Annie Calls Her Shots, The Silver Ace, Strange Treasure, Valley of the Shadow, The Lily Maid, The Hardrock Trail, Justice Guns, Desert Adventure, Annie Breaks An Alibi, Sure Shot Annie, Annie And the Lace Maker, The Mississippi Kid, The Renegade’s Return, The Leprechauns, The Reckless Press, Flint and Steel.

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