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Amos ‘n’ Andy All-Time-Favorites includes sixteen of the best Amos ‘n’ Andy television shows.The adventures of Amos ‘n Andy presented the antics of Amos Jones, Andy Brown, his zany business associate; Kingfish Stevens, a scheming smoothie; Lawyer Calhoun, an underhanded crook that no one trusted; Lightnin,’ a slow-moving janitor; Sapphire Stevens, a nosey, loud-mouth; and Mama, a domineering mother-in-law, Tim Moore (Kingfish) and Spencer Williams, Jr., (Andy) were two of the finest comics of the early 50s. This is a nice 4-DVD-R set of Amos ‘n’ Andy All-Time-Favorites and yes, it does include the beloved “Christmas Episode.”

The Rare Coin, Income Tax, The Girl Upstairs, Kingfish Goes To Work, The Antique Shop, At the Ballgame, Kingfishs’ Last Friend, Kingfish Get’s Drafted, The Engagement, The Broken Clock, Superfine Brush, Kingfish Finds His Future, Seeing Is Believing, The Gun, Call LeHigh 4-9900, The Christmas Show.

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