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Alice – Season One


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Alice – Season One

“…And if things work out shes going to stay awhile.” And they sure did, resulting in “new girl” Alice sticking around for a triumphant nine season run that saw this new style sit-com become the standard bearer for the next generation of TV comedy. Alice is the story of Alice Hyatt (Linda Lavin), a recently widowed single mom who finds herself working as a waitress at an Arizona diner while caring for her pre-teen son, Tommy (Philip McKeon). The inimitable Vic Tayback plays Mel, the gruff owner of the diner, while Beth Howland and Polly Holliday play her co-workers, neurotic Vera and no-nonsense Flo. This 3-Disc, 24- Episode Collection includes the entire first season. 1976-77 – 3 DVD Set.

24 Episodes.

Includes the rarely seen pilot episode featuring Alfred Lutter from Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, the film inspiration for Alice. Guest stars include Batmans Adam West, Victor Buono, and Dark Shadows Lara Parker.

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